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If you are ready to build your strength, coordination and focus with a regular ongoing martial arts program in a supportive and fun community, let’s get you started. It’s easy. Your first class is free. Simply contact us or give us a call at 503-291-9333.

WELCOME from the owners:

Training is fun and it’s easy to start. Your first class is free to try. Look at our schedule, pick your first class, contact us so we know you are coming (or if you have any questions) and show up about 15 minutes early. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing and bring a water bottle. We look forward to meeting you!


Here’s what some of our teens like about training Poekoelan:


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 We teach Poekoelan Tjimindie Tulen, a traditional martial art brought to this country from Indonesia by Mas Goeroe Agoeng Willy Wetzel in 1956. It draws on the most effective elements of Judo, Kempo, Kung Fu and Karate. Since Poekoelan is a complete martial art, it’s much more than just self-defense. Students find well being and empowerment of body, discipline of mind and strength of spirit.


Tulen Center is dedicated to empowering its students. We nurture the body, mind, and spirit in a holistic environment. Through the course of your beginning training you learn 108 ways to defend yourself from threatening situations.

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Learn moves to keep yourself safe. Practice reacting quickly and calmly to protect yourself and your loved ones. Increase your peace of mind. Build self-confidence in all areas of your life. Gain coordination, muscle memory, strength, and all around good health.

Anyone can train Poekoelan. We specialize in individualizing our programs for your needs, in a comfortable and welcoming environment.




About the Students: Our students are just like you. They range in age from 4 to 64. They are moms and dads, elementary, middle and high school students and young adults. We have musicians, baristas, professionals, artists, IT experts, retailers and teachers. Some people start training with us to get in shape while others want something new and different in their workout. Tulen Center is a diverse place where students are included and accepted. We come together to support one another to be our best and highest selves. Tulen Center is a safe and loving place.



About the Owners: Silvia Smart and Jeff Denson have been training in Poekoelan for over 25 years and both have earned the rank of 6th degree black belt. They have trained hundreds of students and guided many to achieve their goals. With patience, discipline and love, they help shape their students’ characters and hone their martial arts skills. They have two kids and in their spare time enjoy hiking, camping and serving in the community.


“After checking out several martial art and self-defense classes, we chose Tulen Center based on its warm, personal approach. We have enjoyed getting to know the instructors and the art of Poekoelan. My son has gained a sense of pride since starting training at Tulen Center.”   – Happy Mom

Location: Our school is conveniently located. It’s close to the Beaverton Transit Center, and is just off 217 and right between Bvtn-Hillsdale Hwy and Canyon Road in Downtown Beaverton. You can walk to the Beaverton Library, Saturday Market, Beaverton Bakery and all sorts of restaurants and shops. Or hop in your car and quickly get to Fred Meyer, Trader Joe’s, Cedar Hills and so much more. Here’s a map.

Thanks to Mayor Doyle's Office and the Beaverton Chamber of Commerce for helping us celebrate our recent move with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

Thanks to Mayor Doyle’s Office and the Beaverton Chamber of Commerce for helping us celebrate our recent move with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

Tulen Center is committed to providing an environment that is free from discrimination against any person because of race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, creed, disability, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal or state law.

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FREE No! Go! Yell! Tell! Wrap Up

Self-defense is a life skill, like knowing what to do in case of a fire, having information about water safety, or knowing what to do if the smoke alarm goes off at night. Every kid deserves the right to have this information and we decided to do something about it!

Thank you for this wrap up – as a former school counselor I deeply appreciate the content and services you provide. I’m glad that so many Capitol Hill students were able to participate! – Pam Wilson, Principal

Ainsworth NGYTGiving back to the community is important in our art. Teaching empowerment and awesome physical self-defense skills is one of the ways we do that. Back in the Fall of 2014, my wonderful employee, Jayne, and I brainstormed and came up with a program to teach 15 free self-defense classes at Tulen Center and on site at Beaverton and SW Portland Public Schools. We proposed this idea to the Tulen Foundation and they backed us in this crazy project! We were able to serve 479 students and their families, and taught on playgrounds, in Kindergarten classrooms, music rooms, hallways, libraries, gyms and cafeterias all over Southwest Portland!

There are many hoops to jump through when working with Public Schools, as you can imagine, but it was worth the effort. The kids were enthusiastic, the parents, supportive and helpful. Most of the schools grasped our vision and became eager to jump on board, help facilitate our workshops and spread the word. We are grateful for the partnership of the staff and administration at both the district level and at the neighborhood schools. We couldn’t have done this without them.

Library at RiekeAnd again, many thanks to the Tulen Foundation for believing in us, for supporting our work and this wonderful program. Thank you to all of you who donate (www.tulenfoundation.org) because these are the types of programs you back with your dollars.



As Jayne said: It was a wonderful experience joining forces with the BSD and PPS to be able to bring these beneficial and engaging classes to their students. This great 3 month adventure has brought us to many different schools and has introduced us to countless students who have benefited from taking the No! Go! Yell! Tell! class. It was very encouraging to see the next generation really tune into their intuition and build on their self confidence, not to mention the strength and power that was exemplified by the students in each class.

Here are just a few of the many comments people shared with us in a post-class survey:

  • I think you did a great job of expressing that the lessons learned here are to be used in truly dangerous situations, not on your annoying sibling. And the whole class seemed to be at just the right pace to keep the kids attention, which is a difficult thing to do.
  • I was happy about the information supplied. Delivery was excellent! Thank you for presenting it in a PG manner!
  • Thank you for a very informative class.  I wish my parents would have taken me to a class like that when I was a kid.  It would have been very helpful.
  • The instructor was amazing. Even my kiddo who is very anxious and has sensory issues came home and asked if we could go to self-defense every Wednesday! Wonderful class!
  • Thank you, you handled a difficult subject really well!
  • He learned how to use his power to hit as hard as he can instead of worrying about poses and techniques that are harder to grasp.
  • My child learned to trust her guts and walk with confidence.
  • You taught my child how to stay safe. The entire presentation and all of the information given was important.
  • Don’t be afraid to say, NO!
  • My daughter gained confidence and was able to be really LOUD!
  • It was an excellent class. We both enjoyed and took away so much valuable information.
  • The information you shared was relevant but not scary.
  • I loved the class and am glad my child could attend.
  • I feel the presentation of the information was handled great and was spoken in terms that the kids understood.
  • The instructor was intelligent, a good communicator and an excellent presenter.
  • This was a very positive and empowering class that I wish everyone could benefit from.
  • Just want to say thank you for doing these free classes at elementary schools.
  • Thank you for offering this service. My very shy child benefited the most. He’s not a joiner so I was surprised that when he eventually got into it, he really tried hard to do things as you showed. He’s been talking about it as well. Thank you!
  • Thank you for your time and energy spent teaching our kids!
  • We reached 479 students and their families. Here are the schools where we taught and the numbers of participants from each:

Beaverton School District:

Montclair – 25, McKay – 15, Raleigh Hills – 41, Raleigh Park – 47, Fir Grove – 15, Findley – 16, Ridgewood – 25, Vose – 16

Portland Public Schools:

Bridlemile – 18, Maplewood – 36, Ainsworth – 35, Hayhurst – 16, Rieke – 54, Capitol Hill – 29

At Tulen Center – 91

TOTAL: 479!

If you’d like to know more about our programs: http://tulencenter.com/

To find out about our summer camps: http://tulencenter.com/about/camp/

If you’d like to make a tax deductable donation: www.tulenfoundation.org

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