Tulen Self Defense

“I am a strong and powerful woman!”

This is one of the affirmations that we say after our Self Defense classes. Say it, repeat it, and believe it! Tulen Self Defense classes are fun and remarkable. Women learn skills and techniques that turn this affirmation into reality. Tulen Self Defense has changed my life!

I grew up outside New York City and prided myself in being able to strut the streets of the city with the best of them. I had no idea what I would do if something actually happened to me, but I was confident I would do something. I had a false sense of bravado that wasn’t based in much of anything. For sure I had no skills to back it up.

When I first started training Poekoelan Tjimindie Tulen, in March of 1987, I had just left a nasty relationship back on the East Coast, in which I cried almost every day for two years. By no means was I a meek and quiet person, but, in that moment, my self-esteem was at an all-time low.

In the very first class I attended, I had to use, really use, my voice. I learned to fall without getting hurt. I also learned what to do if someone choked me from behind. I WAS EMPOWERED! I was hooked! I was madly in love with this art.

As a woman, I’d experienced some pretty frightening experiences in my life. Dates gone awry, solo camping trips with odd encounters, late night walks through dark streets in faraway countries… Learning how to use my voice and how to defend myself with the techniques and strikes that beginners in this art learn was incredibly freeing and liberating.

Early on in my training, I was amazed to find that being able to protect myself made me realize that I am worth protecting. I could see my real self, flaws and all, and love myself no matter what. I have learned that it’s important to know who I am, and to be who I am, regardless of anyone else’s judgment. On this journey, I have grown to be more kind with myself, which in turn allows me to share that compassion with my family and my community.

My Tulen Self Defense training started in the physical realm, but soon I found my mental strength building, felt my confidence growing and experienced a new vast spirit more freely able to engage with people and the world around me.

Learn to hit, learn to hit hard. Learn to yell, how to use your voice to its fullest. Stand up for yourself. Be who you are. Protect yourself physically, yes, but also learn to protect your spirit. You are worth protecting!

Tulen Self Defense classes address the body, mind and spirit. Come try out your first class!