Rites of Passage

I’ve been thinking about how lucky we are in this art to have something that most people in our culture don’t get to have: authentic and meaningful rites of passage.

Cultures and religions around the world have a variety and depth of experiences and rituals to mark important transitional periods in a person’s life. From the Maasai Warrior-Shaving Ceremony in East Africa to the Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah of Jewish tradition and the Vision Quest of Native American custom, these passages serve to challenge and support the individual in developing their unique gifts and strengths for the benefit of the entire community. In effect, they celebrate the life transitions that make us who we are.

Here in the US we have proms and graduations, we have quinceañeras and the big day kids get their driver’s licenses. We have weddings, baby showers and confirmations. However, I’d say we don’t have a lot of authentic and meaningful ways to celebrate our lives as we grow, develop and transition from one stage of life through to the next.

Poekoelan training offers an amazing rite of passage. It’s one of the unique benefits we get when we train this art. The brown sash and black belt tests are milestones that are achieved through a great deal of effort, commitment and hard work. They are also attended and celebrated by the entire community.

We have such a weekend coming up. I hope you will join us to challenge, support and celebrate as these incredible students bravely face a test unlike anything you can possibly imagine.


Tulen Center Vision and Mission

Tulen Center Vision

Tulen Center is the Premier School for Traditional Martial Arts and Self Defense in Southwest Portland and Beaverton where empowerment, leadership, strength of character and compassion are cultivated by challenging each member of our community to grow to their fullest potential.


Tulen Center Mission

Exceptionality: We teach Poekoelan Tjimindie Tulen, an effective and Traditional Indonesian Martial Art based in self-defense.

Quality: Top notch Instruction with wonderful trained instructors. A compassionate yet disciplined approach is a key component of our school.

Commitment: As leaders in the Tulen Center community, Jeff and Silvia are committed to the lifelong development of their students and Tulen Center families. They nurture a sense of community that goes beyond the classroom to enrich all aspects of the individual’s life.

Excellence: In this safe yet challenging training ground, we create leaders of the future.

Diversity: We offer a loving and supportive community that is inclusive and accepting of everyone.

Wellness: We offer a variety of classes and programs that encourage health and wellness for our students, their families and our neighborhood.

Profitability: Being profitable is an important part of Tulen Center’s strategy, allowing us to maintain the highest quality of our instructors, facility, school and services.

Comprehensive: We provide high quality self-defense, anti-bullying, empowerment and leadership programs outside the walls of our school, in our local community.