Summer Camps

19598_tulen-gathering-of-dragons_logo_v2As you know, summer is a time for fun, and camps are a great way for kids to try new things out. Not everyone wants to join us on a journey toward black belt, but stepping onto the training path for a few days in the summer is a fantastic option! Open this door and your child will be welcomed into an exciting weeklong journey through the Indonesian jungle! Your camper will make lots of new friends, have plenty of time to run and play outside under the trees, and importantly, they will learn essential elements of this holistic martial art, along with self-defense skills that last a lifetime.


“My son thrived and got a real boost of confidence & enjoyment!”

“You have done such a wonderful job making my child & family feel welcome & comfortable.”


Camps are for kids ages 6-11.

Camp Dates for 2017: June 26-30 & July 10-14

Camp Hours: 8:30AM – 3:00PM

Extended Care: 3:00 – 5:30PM

You can expect:

  • Discipline, Respect, Focus, Listening & Patience
  • Striking, Kicking, Releases & Parries…along with when it’s OK to hit and when it’s not!
  • Animal Movements from the Monkey, Tiger, Crane and Snake
  • Balance, Breathing, Meditation

Your child having one of the best weeks of their summer with us. Your little adventurer will will be guided, nudged, and challenged along a path toward self-discovery and empowerment. By practicing courage, cooperation and compassion every day, your camper will gain empathy and self-sufficiency. Their resilience and self-reliance grow as they discover how incredibly tough they can be. It is no small feat, but we create warriors of peace!

Our camp is important because your child will come away with the tools they need to stand up for themselves and to stay safe. Your child is spending more time away from you and home, and practice using these skills is essential!


REGISTER BELOW USING PAYPAL and Silvia will send you a $25 check in the mail if you sign up by April 2nd.

Camp fees are not refundable.

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Here is a video KOIN 6 ran of our camp last summer:

For more information and details, keep reading!

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Q. What ages get to participate?

A. Our summer camps are for kids 6-11.

Q. Can beginning kids who have never trained martial arts come to your camps?

A. YES! Our camps, much like the style we train, are focused on the individual. Your child will feel welcome, and will be taught at their level in small groups whether they have trained with us before or are a complete novice. We have lots of wonderful instructors at our camps so we can meet your child’s individual needs.

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Q. What hours are your camps?

A. We offer a full day (8:30-3:00) and extended care (3:00-5:30) options so you can pick what works best for you and your child.

Q. What are your camp dates this year?

A. Camp Dates for 2017: June 26-30 & July 10-14 …If you are on our mailing list, you will be invited to preregister in February and save quite a bit of money. Email me if you’d like to be kept informed:

Q. WHERE will camps be held?

A. Our summer camps will be held in our school located in downtown Beaverton at 12230 SW Broadway! Our school is big and beautiful and just a short walk to the Beaverton Park and fountain.

Q. Why do you offer so few camps each summer?

A. We put a huge amount of effort into making our camps as fun and power packed as possible, for each and every camper. This takes a lot of time, energy and people power. All of us have family, friends, activities to do, and communities we like to give back to. In order to keep camps as special as they are, and in order to keep balance in our own lives, we offer only a few camps per summer. Because of this, they are in high demand. Be sure to sign up early.

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Q. What happens during a typical camp day?

A. Campers arrive by 8:30/9AM and then camp gets into full swing. The morning is spent learning martial arts and self-defense. Kids get an awesome workout (or two!) each morning. Sometimes we work out all together and sometimes we break apart by rank so we can work individually with the campers at their level. Because we work out so hard, we like to have a small snack break in the morning. Lunch is around 12:00PM, when we often head to one of the parks within walking distance from our school. Our favorite park – especially on hot days – is the Beaverton Library Park with the fountain to play in.

We gather together to eat and relax in the shade, load up with sunscreen and then we play! We are back at Tulen Center by 3:00PM for pick up. Kids who are with us for extended care have some choices. They can join us for more work outs (usually in the form of fun games and challenges) or they can choose some quiet activities like playing with legos, art projects and games, to round out the day. Pick up for extended care is 5:30PM. Kids ALWAYS sleep well during camps!


Q. What skills can I expect my child to learn?

A. Your child will learn some important life skills like discipline, self-control, respect and compassion. Your child will experience the pride that comes with honest achievement and the joy that comes from working together with teammates. S/he will learn effective self-defense skills that last a lifetime. Specifics include use of the voice, striking and releases from grabs and holds. Your child will gain confidence that will carry outward into the world. We create courageous leaders and upstanding citizens. Our counselors are great role models and the campers always adore them.

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Q. This all sounds great, but will my child have fun?

A. YES!! Our style, Poekoelan Tjimindie Tulen, is based on animal movement. The monkey, the tiger, the crane and the snake teach us cool moves, and from these animals, we have created some really fun games. We do fun stuff throughout the day like nail painting, face painting, push up and cruncher contests…we have “tattoo parlors”, nifty art projects and guests who come in to teach skills like theater games, card games and magic tricks. Our days are full of fun activities with a nice balance of “down time” to relax and just hang out with our friends.


Q. How do I register?

A. Registration is easy. Use the PayPal link above, call us at 503-291-9333, or fill out this form and we’ll get back to you. Payment plans and some partial scholarships are available. You just have to ask.


Q. What should my child wear?

  • Everyone will get a really cool camp T-shirt. We ask that your child wear this every day.
  • If you haven’t trained with us before, you can purchase a pair of uniform pants or wear street clothes. Loose fitting pants that stretch or leggings work well. NO SHORTS for our morning workouts.
  • If you are a student at Tulen Center, wear your uniform with your sash or belt.
  • You must train in long pants, even on hot days. We have white uniform pants for sale for $15.
  • We train barefoot.

Q. What should my child bring?

  • Bring a water bottle with your name on it each day. You will be getting thirsty! You can also buy water at Tulen Center for $1.
  • Bring your lunch and a light snack each day – we will be getting hungry! Make sure you have a cold pack in your lunch.
  • You are welcome to bring non-electronic games, books or puzzles to share. We’ll have some “down time” each day so we can all stay healthy and balanced during this intensive week of training.
  • We’ll be going to the park some days, regardless of the weather, so bring shorts and sneakers to change into as well as a jacket or rain gear if it’s chilly or damp.
  • One of the parks we get to go to has a fountain we can run and play in! Bring a swimsuit to wear under clothes and a towel. (Even kids who say they don’t want to go in the fountain usually end up going in, so a towel and change of clothes is a really good idea!)
  • Sunscreen! We will also have plenty on hand if you forget.


“During Summer Camps, my child made new friendships, gained lots of confidence and had fun!”

“So grateful for having my kids with you this week – they want to know when they can go back to Tulen Center! There were a lot of questions beforehand and they ended up really enjoying it.”

“The instructor guidance during the camp is what was fantastic. My son thrived, advanced his skill level, and got a real great boost of confidence and enjoyment. Looking forward to next year!”

“You all have done such a wonderful job….making my child and family feel welcome and comfortable. I can not think of anything I would change!”

“Thanks so much for an awesome week of camp!  The girls have loved it!!”

“My kids enjoyed everything about camp!  A few weeks later and they are still practicing their new skills in the mirror!”

See you in 2017!