Cun Tao

Start at the beginning, or Cun Tao, to learn effective self-defense skills as you increase your physical strength and endurance. You’ll learn basic kicks, punches, parries and initial forms.  Cun Tao is great beginning martial arts training for adults, teens and children ages 7-12.

IMG_2041 Learn what to do if someone swings a weapon at you overhead.

Potential photo How do you use your opponent’s energy and strength to protect yourself and keep yourself safe?

choke front edit smaller   Learn how to defend against a choke.

sweep  Practice sweeping an opponent to the ground.

Gold Sashes Learn beginning forms that help you pay attention to balance, core strength and alignment.

 Excellent instructors are compassionate and skilled.

Meditation2 Practice calm, quiet meditation every class.

Below is a link to a demonstration of Cun Tao from one of the Dutch schools, enjoy!

Cun Tao Demonstration

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