Meet the Instructors

Mas Goeroe Jeff Denson is a 6th degree black belt in the art of Poekoelan Tjimindie Tulen. He started his training at Lewis and Clark College in 1989. He and his wife, Mas Goeroe Silvia Smart have run Tulen Center for over 10 years. They live in Beaverton with their two teenagers.




Silvia Smart HeadshotMas Goeroe Silvia Smart is a 6th degree black belt in the art of Poekoelan Tjimindie Tulen. She started training at One With Heart in SE Portland in 1987. When she first started training, she loved how empowered she felt right from the start. Her experience over the years has deepened to include a great appreciation for the lessons in strength of character and compassion. Smart lives in Beaverton with her husband and two kids.

Mas Lisa BBBantoe Lisa Nolen started training with her older daughter as way for the both of them to try something new together. Now 10 years later her daughter is in Law school, the other in college and she has continued the practice – and loves it! When not on the floor you can find her enjoying Portland with her husband, car camping or taking her dog for walk.



 IMG_6679Alden Kaye started training in the art of Poekoelan Tjimindie Tulen when he was 7.  Poekoelan “has gotten me fit and strong, but that is just a ‘side effect’ of having fun. The community is very kind and helpful. Even though Poekoelan seems like it’s a solo sport, you do rely on the other practitioners for guidance.” He loves teaching, even though it may be challenging, because he is helping students grow in the art. At 17, Alden is an inspiring Black Belt Instructor.

 Ken Westin started training Poekoelan when it was offered as an elective in college and after a six year break after graduating, started up again as a way to manage stress and stay healthy. Now he is not only a student, but also an instructor and Poekoelan Dad, as his son now trains as well. He believes you will find the school to be family friendly with an emphasis on community, focused on empowering all abilities and ages, with the depth and intensity of your training being placed in your hands knowing that everyone has different goals. He hopes to see you on the mat!

Twila Kaye started training with her son in 2005. She believes that Poekoelan is more then just a great physical workout that also relieves stress. Through training, she improves her discipline, courage and esteem.  She knows Poekoelan is a community of compassionate people.  For Twila, teaching is a way to give back and to show others the power of self-defense training.



Mas Eric

Eric Gorman first discovered Poekoelan a (very) long time ago at Lewis & Clark College. He rediscovered it in early 2008 and has been training and instructing ever since. Eric also works at OMSI, blows glass and occasionally escapes Portland to sail boats.





Mas RadhikaRadhika has been training for 7+ years and is an a black belt in this art. She loves and feels safe in the Poekoelan community. Poekoelan has motivated her to stay active and healthy. She absolutely loves teaching kids, and she brings positive energy and humor into her teaching. Outside of Poekoelan, she plays tennis and does fitness training.


Mas BrendenBrenden (center, pictured to the right here with his family) is 16 years old. He’s a black belt and has been training at Tulen Center for over seven years. He loves the community at Tulen Center because of the love and care put into the facility and the diversity of the people. He enjoys teaching, learning and helping people grow. Besides training martial arts, he likes to build, read, and learn about science and math in his spare time. 


imageHersh has been training for more than 7 years and loves training and meeting new people. Poekoelan has given him a positive outlet for his energy and  loves to keep learning more through teammates, training, and new experiences alike. The  On top of Poekoelan, he loves music; playing the guitar, bass and violin.

Mas Audrey Website

Audrey  is creative, confidant in her skills, and headstrong. She is sensitive to others, and believes that there is no such thing as “completely mastering” or perfection. There is always room for improvement, and always someone that can help you do that. She helps to
innovate, create improvement and teach new things. She also considers the fact that sometimes we need a break, or need to find a
different pace, and she thinks that no matter the speed of learning, as long as you’re trying to branch out and listen to the instructors, you will go far.

matthew_poekoelanMatthew Chin started training in 2009. Poekoelan has helped him become quick, strong, and confident. He thinks Poekoelan is a great way to stay active and exercise. He loves teaching, and sees it as a nice way to help others. Outside of school and martial arts, he enjoys playing soccer and running.

Mas SageSage is a stay-at-home mom. She has been training for 5+ years and is currently a green sash. Both her daughters started training at a young age, which inspired her to start training too. She loves how Poekoelan incorporates spiritual wellness and exercise into daily life. Outside of Poekoelan, she loves to cook and creates appealing scrapbooks.



We all look forward to having you join our extended Poekoelan family!

Contact Information

Tulen Center is located at 12230 SW Broadway Street in Downtown Beaverton. Call us at 503-291-9333 or send us an email at We look forward to meeting you soon!