See what people are saying about their experiences at Tulen Center:

Student Testimonials:

“Taking care of my mind and body through Poekoelan again will be an amazing step in itself.  It’s been too long since I’ve been involved, my last year at college didn’t leave me time for anything outside academics, but I remember that I was always happiest and at peace while practicing the art.  And the best I have ever felt was at your school.”  -Whitney Reeve, Recent College Grad

“Tulen Center training for middle age guys?? I have been training for one year and my overall physical fitness and mental well being is much improved. I have physical confidence I have not have had in years. Thank you to Goeroe Jeff and Pendekkar Silvia and all of the other instructors. They have proved that martial arts is a great fitness and mental program for not just kids and young people – old guys too.” -Mas Brad, 41.

“Thank you so much for continuing to teach Poekoelan! My life would be completely different without it. Poekoelan has benefited every area of my life. Being a 16 year old girl, it is very helpful to have a place to help with stress and build self-confidence. I wish everyone trained, the world would be a much better place.” -Mas Emily, 16.

“Training has really helped me with my confidence and responsibility. It has given me a more positive attitude.” Mas Rowan, 15.

“I love lots of things about Poekoelan: meeting new friends, earning new ranks, and teaching classes. I like to challenge myself each day. Plus, I have fun!” Mas Ella, 12.

“It’s been really fun because I meet a lot of new people and I learn a lot every day.” Mas Jocelyn, 11.

“My name is Berkeley Gadbaw and I have been training for three years. Since training at Tulen Center I feel stronger and more confident. It helps me stay flexible and builds my endurance for running as well. Poekoelan has allowed me to grow my confidence as a person and feel like I can defend myself. Poekoelan is challenging both mentally and physically and takes you out of your comfort zone. Everyone should try!” Mas Berkeley, 28.

Parent Testimonials:

‘My 8 year old daughter has been attending the Tulen Center for a year.

I am amazed at the level of confidence and self assurance she has obtained. I saw this very clearly the first time I saw her teaching other students; some older, some younger. Emanating from within her was an inner power and leadership qualities which I only wish I had when I was her age.

Though it was sad for me to see that chubby little belly leave, I am amazed at her strength and stamina. She is fit!
Just a few months ago, she was demonstrating a certain form and slipped on the concrete. Automatically she fell just the way she was taught in class and suffered no injuries. On a more recent occasion, a fellow student at her elementary school pushed and hit her. When I asked her if she hit back, she said ‘No, Mom, I don’t want to hurt anyone. We’re not supposed to hit, punch or kick each other. I just told her I didn’t like it when she did that and I didn’t want her to do it ever again.’
Clearly, my child is learning empathy and compassion at this school, which for me, is the most important thing she can learn to achieve inner peace for herself and help create a more peaceful world.

Thank you to everyone at the Tulen Center for believing in the potential of all the kids and giving your time, energy and heart energy.”


Michelle Mall


“Hersh (age 11 ) has developed better strength, both physical and mental. He loves that he knows these ways to protect himself and feels more power. He loves to teach others, and he loves to relate to others’ levels, and feels satisfaction when he can teach even a single step! A positive aspect to our involvement at Tulen Center is the learning, teaching and just being in this wonderful, positive environment.” -Sonali

“When my son started training at Poekoelan, he was struggling to pay attention in school and had difficulty taking direction from adults. He was also uncomfortable interacting with kids his age- and disliked being touched at all by peers. Now, he has a fantastic attention span and easily takes instructions from adults. Practicing holds with other Poekoelan students has helped him to be comfortable being in close contact with his peers and his self-confidence has sky rocketed. He loves training and loves learning the art form.” Anonymous

“Well, there are a lot of things to share with you folks. Our kids love to come for training every day, even when they don’t have to! (It’s a good excuse for them to stay away from their chores!) We, as parents, are very happy and proud to see their development in discipline and physical elasticity. We enjoy the family atmosphere that exists during class and the authentic friendliness of the staff. We definitely encourage the undecided parents or guardians to give it a try; we did it and are still doing it, and will keep doing it for the coming future.” -Luis Perez

“Peter has benefited from the physical training at Tulen Center, increasing his physical strength, balance, and coordination. He is also improving his focus and attention. The social interaction of class is also good for him, as is the respect, self-confidence, and discipline and learning to follow the rules of the class. I enjoy feeling a part of a positive community, which provides positive feedback and supporting encouragement to attain goals. Watching Peter and his teammates reach milestones and celebrating all of their accomplishments together is also a great aspect of Tulen Center.” -Stephanie.

“Both of my children are able to focus more in a  group setting. They have an increased sense of bravery and they both feel more confident and are excited about their achievements. Thanks for the positive environment!” -Proud Mom

Women’s Self-Defense Testimonials:

“I was empowered through accessing my voice and learning that I have more strength than I realized and how to tap into the tools I have with me all the time.” -PSU Student

“I do feel a lot more confident. I never was really fond of saying “no” so confidently and being able to practice with others was good. I feel as if I have gained much more awareness of my surroundings and some tips that would be helpful in the future.” -PSU Student

“I had no previous knowledge about self-defense. Now I have some simply, easy-to-remember tools I can utilize. I also feel more confident in deciding what actions to take in a scary situation. The lecture portion of this class helped me a lot.” -PSU Student

“On behalf of Outside In, we really appreciated the workshop (2 Hours of Power) and the great job you did assuring it could be a safe space. We all really benefited from the experience.”   -Erin S.

Letters to Instructors:

“Pendekkar Silvia,

Thank you for inviting Deszo to move up to the Cun Tao Class. It was great to see him rise to the demands of the more challenging class. You were busy focusing on the class, but I wanted to let you know that Vajik recognized some of the yoga-like poses that you had the kids do during stretching and was following along on the sidelines. I am amazed that Dezso hung in there for the Little Monkey’s session afterwards. At home, while I was making lunch, Dezso was doing his best to teach Vajik some of the new things he had learned that day. Vajik was practicing Rooster Jumps by the time they sat down to eat. They both had monster naps that afternoon 🙂 Thank you again for leading those classs. Dezso is already asking if he gets to do the Cun Tao class again this  weekend.” -Csaba

“Hi Pendekkar Silvia,

I can honestly say that training and knowing you guys is the best experience that Matt has had in his life. Thank you for all that you have done for Matt. We love you. Thank you” -Diane


We attended the session this last Saturday and I was very happy with it and my son had a lot of fun! You mentioned you were thinking of doing another one in the fall on Bullying and I would love to hear about it if you do. Unfortunately, we don’t live in the area so doing classes is not an option but we would definitely drive for a one hour session! Thank you again for doing these classes!” -Debby Huppin

Contact Information

Tulen Center is located at 12230 SW Broadway Street, Beaverton, OR 97005. Call us at 503-291-9333 or send us an email at info@tulencenter.com. We look forward to meeting you soon!