No! Go! Yell! Tell!

This self-defense class is for children 6-11. Our age policy is firm.

As a parent, one of your primary jobs is to keep your child safe, but our children grow up! A child’s work is to explore the world and spend more time away from home. You want to be sure they have the tools they need to stay safe, even when they are not by your side. Oh, parenting! It is not for wimps!

We can help! Your child will learn:

  • Essential age-appropriate information presented calmly and clearly
  • To use a loud, commanding voice, to trust their gut and how to get out of situations that give them cold sweats and clammy hands
  • Power-packed striking they will remember for the rest of their lives – and schooling on when it’s OK and not OK to hit!

Your child leaves class with a new confidence, a strong posture, a loud, forceful voice and a realistic yet positive sense of their place in the world. Sparkling eyes and eager nods of understanding show you our lessons are hitting their mark. We promise to reinforce the message that communication with YOU, their biggest champion, is important now and for the rest of their life. Take a deep breath because now, you have support, materials, concepts and tools to continue this relevant conversation at home.

This workshop is paramount because you want to know your son or daughter can trust themselves, set boundaries and speak up at school, on the playground, at sleepovers or camp, and whenever and wherever the situation demands it.

Workshops are scheduled three or four times a year on Saturdays from noon – 1:30PM and cost $15.

Classes sell out. Register soon.

Next Classes: July 29, October 21, January 20

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