Selfless Service

Tulen Center gives back to the Portland community by teaching free self-defense to schools, neighborhoods, organizations and colleges. Silvia Smart was nominated for a Service to Beaverton Award for “Outstanding Individual” for offering these free self-defense seminars. We believe that self-defense is an integral part of life and that every individual deserves this empowerment training. If your school or community would like to have a free class, please contact us directly.

FBI Youth Academy

Teen Girls Self Defense

Twenty teenagers from the FBI Youth Academy came to Tulen Center to learn self-defense. The house was packed, the kids learned a lot and it was great fun!

One happy dad said:

Kudos to Tulen center for a well done self-defense class. My daughter soaked it all up, and we practiced when we got home. As a former US Marine, I’m knowledgable and well practiced in the ways of self-defense. Unfortunately, I’ve found some such classes lacking in certain areas. From what my daughter showed me, Tulen center is doing it right.


Holladay Park Plaza – Continuing Care Facility

IMG_6092A three-part self-defense series ensured that many of the old folks living in this facility got time to learn and practice techniques to keep themselves safe. Older people are some of the most vulnerable in our society.

Participants said:

  • I actually feel empowered for the first time in my 80 years.
  • I loved the mix of lively and highly professional instruction with great participation by the students.
  • I received, loud and clear, the message that in more ways than we older folks think, we can defend and take care of ourselves. This is life changing.
  • I loved the emphasis on activity which helps me internalize the material.
  • The most important information I feel I took away from this workshop is how important it is to be alert and aware and how to use my voice.
  • The greatest benefit for me in taking this course has been the feeling of confidence that if a threatening situation ever develops, I would not be a hapless victim, but would take some effective action.


2015 brought many free classes to neighborhoods in Southwest Portland and Beaverton. Click here to see what schools and neighborhoods were served.

Raleigh Hills Middle School 

The gym was packed!

The gym was packed!

Moms, Dads and their middle school daughters rocked the house at Raleigh Hills. We covered lots of self-defense basics to keep the girls safe, and also touched on internet and social media safety. Lots of fun was had by all!





Portland State University PSU Photo 4

We taught a jam-packed 2 hour class for college women at the PSU campus. Participants learned facts about assault, how to survey surroundings, using their voice in a commanding tone, and self-defense strikes and releases!



imgresRidgewood Elementary

We taught over 25 children how to confidently stand up to perpetrators and bullies. We focused on how to use verbal communication as your first defense against a threat. Your voice = power!



Southridge High Schoolsouthridge

Over the years, we have taught multiple free classes at the high school through the PE department. These classes focused on physical self-defense tactics as well as covering facts about assault within our communities.



MaplewoodMaplewood Elementary

A free No! Go! Yell! Tell! class with over 20 students learned how to use their voice, trust their gut and hit hard!



RH FairRaleigh Hills Fair

We provided free self-defense workshops to students of all ages throughout the day. Kids learned self-defense techniques like how to respond to a person grabbing them, and how to flip an attacker over their back!




Garden Home Recreation Center

Silvia taught free self-defense classes to children several times a year. These programs invited parents and younger siblings to watch and learn as well. Dozens of children benefited from these seminars.


Throughout the Years

Silvia has provided free No! Go! Yell! Tell! classes to children in various programs, Hours of Power to teens and women, and anti-bullying seminars for local elementary and middle schools. All programs cover verbal and physical self-defense techniques. Classes also cover societal issues about assault and bullying within our communities.

We love to help out the community whenever we can. Let us know how we can help you or your organization.