There are hundreds of martial arts, why is Tulen Center different?

There are many styles and schools, and finding one with the right physical skills and philosophy for you and your family is important to your enjoyment – and your success!

At Tulen Center, we believe martial arts are a pathway to building character and being part of a thriving community.  Here, after the first phase of training, students teach others, developing leadership and communication skills. Training is highly personal – you will get a lot of attention and encouragement.  The concept of training a “fighting art” while believing in non-violence is sometimes confusing; we are constantly refining our own understanding of what seems like a paradox. We encourage students to mull this one over as they develop in their training!

Which class should my kids take? What ages train together? Can I train with my kids?

Our “Little Monkeys” programs for kids 4-6 teaches basic martial arts, body awareness, discipline and listening skills.  After that, kids launch into the “Cun Tao” Beginning Kids Poekoelan Program. Our Saturday sessions are all for ages so yes, you can train with your kids on Saturdays!

How often should I go? Can I drop-in to classes?

Our curriculum and emphasis on community requires a commitment; “drop-in” classes are challenging both for the students and the teachers. Most students, kids, teens and adults, train at least 2 times a week, though sometime that’s not possible. Consistent attendance builds confidence and discipline.

How long does it take to get a black-belt?

It’s a great question – and unanswerable.  It’s different for everyone, but regardless, it’s usually a loooong time.  Also, in our art, earning a black belt is just the beginning of another, wonderful path in training – that of becoming a teacher and inspiration. We like to say there is no rush, learn your lessons and enjoy the process of growing and developing as a martial artist!

How does the ranking system work?

Students start as white belts, and as they progress through the Cun Tao or “beginning” program, are awarded black stripes. As a student graduates from the Cun Tao class, they earn a white sash to tie around their waist. From white sash, the progression is Gold, Blue, Green and then Brown Sash. Upon completion of all requirements, the student might then be tested for Black Belt. There are nine degrees of Black Belt.

What’s all the bowing about? Why do you do that?

Poekoelan Tjimindie Tulen is a traditional martial art. We bow to our Teachers and to one another to show the respect we have for one another, in much the same way as we shake one another’s hands when we meet and greet here in the U.S.

Why do you do chores after each class?

Tradition has it that long before a student was welcome onto the workout floor, they were given tasks and chores around the school. A student might sweep the floors or clean the toilets, showing their humility, for quite some time before they were taught anything by the Teacher. We have westernized this concept and each class is responsible for certain chores around the school. We work together to take care of this special place!